Propel your brand or agency forward with ShowroomHQ's Fashion & Apparel Brand and Product Management Software

Brands & Products

Brand and Product Management Software

Upload And Import Products

Quickly and easily import brand and product data or photos into ShowroomHQ to speed up order entry or to offer online ordering.

Color Variants And Size Scales

ShowroomHQ fully supports color variants and product size scales. You can define your own color codes and size scales to match each brand/division’s needs.

Assign Brand/Division Managers

Keep responsibilities clear and increase accountability by assigning brand or division managers.

Brand and Product Management Software

Create Linesheets

Our software automatically generate branded linesheets that you can send to customers or use as an internal selling reference.

Attach Lookbooks And Documents

Attach brand collateral such as lookbooks and order guides for easy team access.

Manage Customer Brand Access

ShowroomHQ tracks which specific brands or divisons customers are allowed to purchase and control visibility in the online catalog.

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