Master Customer List

ShowroomHQ keeps your team in the know with key customer data

CRM Master Customer List

Accessible Customer History

ShowroomHQ tracks which specific brands or divisons customers are interested in and what they already purchase, making it easy for sales reps to target their calls and emails.

Multiple Contacts & Locations

Do you have retailers with more than one location that need to be tracked on one account? No problem. Multiple buyers? Check.

Send Quick Email

Avoid switching between your email account and CRM: send email directly in ShowroomHQ from a customer’s profile.

CRM Master Customer List

Map & Visualize Customers

ShowroomHQ plots your customers’ physical locations on an interactive map. Filter the map by brand/divison purchases to quickly check on exclusives when taking on new accounts.

Attach Documents & Files

Stay organized and reduce paperwork by keeping all customer documentation in one place. Upload documents, files, photos and more to keep your team members on the same page.

Easy Customer Import

Avoid unnecessary data entry by importing customer accounts from spreadsheet files with ease.

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"I have been using ShowroomHQ for the last 2 years and there is not one day that I do not use it to get valuable information that helps me run my business. Even after 2 years, I find that ShowroomHQ's customer service is outstanding, they are always there to help you out to get the maximum of ShowroomHQ."

-- Pierre A.Despatie, FIS